Industrial Zone Phase 3 (IZP 3) was established in 2006 and spans 466.9 acres. It currently accommodates 12 manufacturing companies from France, China, United States, Japan, and Malaysia, as well as 1 supporting company that supplies industrial gases. KHTP SME Park and KHTP Sports Complex are two unique features of IZP 3.

The KHTP SME Park is an exceptional concept designed to assist MNCs in establishing their first manufacturing facility outside of their home country. The 14-acre industrial lot includes 12 detached and flexi semi-detached factories, as well as 2 build-to-rent factories. Moreover, to provide convenience for tenants, Business Center in KHTP SME Park is available for use as event space, meeting rooms, conference rooms, cafes, and other amenities.

KHTP SME Park also includes security features such as security guard, fully-gated, and 24-hour CCTV surveillance. All in all, KHTP SME Park is an ideal location for MNCs to establish footprint in Malaysia, enticing investors with its low initial capital and additional features that provide minimal investment risk with optimal business operation needs.


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