This specialised local authority provides a wide range of services to tenants of the Park such as the Park's maintenance services at all times; and acts as a 'one-stop agency' to speed up applications and approvals of permits and licences.

Police station dedicated to Kulim Hi-Tech Park completed and operational since 2012.


A fire and rescue department dedicated to the Park and fully operational with well-trained personnel to handle any eventualities. It is equipped with a Hazardous Material (HAZMAT) vehicle worth RM 4.2 mil,to help complement the Hospital's MDER services.


A fully-equipped government hospital with the latest state-of-the-art medical equipment operational since September 1994. It is also the first hospital in the region with a Mass Decontamination & Emergency Response (MDER) System to provide emergency treatment to victims of chemical & hazardous materials exposure.

Hospital Type: Major Specialist Hospital Teaching & Training

Facilities: 320 Beds (12 Wards, 8 Bed ICU, 4 Bed CCU, 6 Bed NICU, 12 Bed Labour Room)



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