hot mapsKulim Hi-Tech Park (KHTP) officially opened in 1996. Besides being first ever hi-technology park development in Malaysia, it is widely recognised by leading hi-tech multinational companies as among the crème de la crème of hi-technology parks in Asia that provides many viable reasons from companies, both local and multinationals, to produce their high-value products within a conducive world-class business environment.

It has also become a shining example of how a visionary government’s economic initiative, careful planning and relentless focus can successfully develop and transform a green field project into a highly-sustainable economic growth area that brings immense benefits to both investors and Malaysians alike.

KHTP’s development is evidently guided by its original master plan that focuses on setting up a world class hi-technology park that is capable of hosting the best-of-the-best hi-tech manufacturing companies, whilst conforming to its comprehensive 6 zonal development concept that allows its people to enjoy working and living within an exceptionally conducive, safe and green environment

With 4679 acres developed, KHTP is continuing its onward journey to develop more land and more to cater to ever-growing industry demands to lease readily-levelled, prime land that allows companies to set up their hi-tech manufacturing facilities quickly amid a business-friendly environment that offers an abundant pool of skilled and semi-skilled talents as well as strong connectivity to an integrated, world-class infrastructure.

  • Last Modified: Wednesday 19 February 2020.