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Target Sectors

Hi-tech manufacturing multinationals continue to thrive in Kulim Hi-Tech Park. So are hi-tech support companies and eminent local companies that meet the criteria of select target sectors.

  • Wafer Fabrication
  • Semiconductor
  • Solar and Renewable Energy
  • Medical and Scientific Devices
  • Advanced Electronics Industries
  • Process Control and Automation Equipment
  • Optical and Electro-Optical Applications
  • Optoelectronics
  • Life Sciences and Pharmaceuticals
  • Advanced Materials
  • Contract R&D and Services
  • Aerospace and related activities
  • New and Emerging Technologies

Manufacturing Industries

Our industrial tenants have together invested more than RM34 billion and bringing with them patented, state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies and products, as well as employed tens of thousands of skilled and semi-skilled workers in Kulim Hi-Tech Park. The companies have also built strong influence in the world’s adoption and consumption of hi-tech applications: avionics, semiconductors, power chips, super high density storage solutions, super-efficient solar cells and modules and much more.


These leading companies cite CRITICAL reasons why they have decided to locate and operate from Kulim Hi-Tech Park:

"Intel was one of the pioneering semiconductor companies in Malaysia in the early 1970s. In 1996, we were the first company to set up our KM1 plant in Kulim Hi-Tech Park and we have expanded our operations here since then. Our worldwide location decisions have always been made based on stringent location qualification criteria, and Kulim Hi-Tech Park has fully met our highest expectations for our hi-tech manufacturing operations.”
"Infineon Technologies is very happy to set up our wafer fabrication operation here. And since our start-up, we have experienced TREMENDOUS GROWTH and now we are almost doubling our operations.”
"We would like to thank MIDA and Kulim Technology Park Corporation for their full support to help First Solar in bringing up quickly our first 4 manufacturing plants and another 2 in quick succession so that we can expand our operations here and business worldwide.”
"As one of the pioneer investors in Kulim Hi-Tech Park, we are very happy with the OVERALL INFRASTRUCTURE and ECOSYSTEM here, especially in the fast and readily-available logistics solutions in the park.”
"SilTerra is a global wafer fab that provides our clients with unsurpassed, best-of-the-best manufacturing practice and services in meeting their highest wafer manufacturing demands. We continue to harness the availability of world-class infrastructure in Kulim Hi-Tech Park – clean water, quality electricity, available skilled talents and excellent supply chain to our maximum advantage.”
"Malaysia is very BUSINESS-FRIENDLY, and MIDA as well as Kulim Technology Park Corporation have helped us to set up our operation so much faster in Kulim Hi-Tech Park.”
"We need QUALITY HUMAN RESOURCES, and that was exactly what we have found here.”

KHTP is conceived and developed as one of the national strategies of Vision 2020 for Malaysia to become a fully-industrialised nation by 2020. Today, KHTP is a fully-integrated and comprehensive science park that hosts multinational and local companies within the hi-tech sectors:

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